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Throttle & Pedal Assist


Unlike some other parts of the world, the USA allows the privilege of riding your electric bike with a throttle for enhanced, on-demand, controlled power.

Throttles are helpful in so many situations. Getting started from a standstill to avoid the awkwardness of trying to gain momentum, easily climbing even the steepest hills, or even crossing an intersection safely.

If for some reason you can't pedal, or you simply prefer not to, having a throttle to ride with is the perfect solution.

Pedal Assist

Pedal assist gives you an automatic boost as you pedal. It senses that you are pedaling and engages the motor to propel you faster than your pedaling alone would.

Pedal assist provides a great "bridge" between regular and electric bicycles, as it requires pedaling, but with an electric feel.

Cyclo offers two kinds of pedal assist. The first, found on our Basic 350, Advanced 350, and Advanced 500 models uses a Cadence sensor to activate the pedal assist. A Cadence sensor monitors the speed with which you pedal but not the power. Our Premium 500 model has a Torque sensor, which senses your power so it can match its powers to yours. The harder you pedal, the more the bike will help you advance!

Use both for the ideal experience

There is nothing better than having a bike that you can ride by pedaling normally, by getting an added push from its motor, or with just the throttle. Having that versatility is what makes riding an electrice bike so fun.

This is why all Cyclo bikes have both throttle and pedal assist. We want our riders to have the exact experience they crave every time they take their bike for a spin.

rear hub motors

All Cyclo bikes use a rear hub motor. Rear hub motors and mid drive motors are both great options, but we have found that using a rear hub motor provides the most ideal ride for our bikes. Here is why:


Most electric bikes in the US currently use hub motors because they are more simple and easy to use. Think about it like a car having automatic vs manual tranmission. When you buy a bike with a rear hub motor, it is like getting a car with automatic transmission.

This is because this kind of motor smoothly delivers power without any extra gear shifting or wear on the drivetrain.

Cyclo has 350 and 500 watt options which both provide enough power for consistently exhilarating performance.


Hub motors have many advantages when compared to mid drive motors. The most obvious advantages are that they are more lightweight, making the bike easier to transport and that they are more inexpensive to make, allowing us to price our bikes at the great rates that we do.

There are even more advantages than just those two. Hub motors are great for all riders - from beginners to experts because they do not require constant gear shifting to match the motor's performance. This automatic transmition-like system also allows the motor to perform with less frequent maintenance because of the lower wear and tear it experiences.

Battery Placement

Cyclo bikes are not just regular bikes that were transformed into electric bikes. Our bikes were designed to be electric and therefore have the battery strategically integrated into the frame.

The battery is removable, so it can be easily taken off and connected to a normal wall outlet to charge. There is a lock on the frame as well so the battery can only be removed with a key, keeping it from accidentally popping out during use, and protecting it from possible theft.

Our frame, and the battery's integration into it, was specifically designed for our bikes, so you will not find any others like it anywhere in the world.

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