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Cyclo was created to connect with people from all walks of life throughout the country. We want our bikes to allow you to commute, get some exercise, and even escape your daily routine while finding new adventures. All without breaking the bank.

Cyclo was created with the goal of becoming the first electric bike company to combine quality and affordability in the USA. We want every person in the country who wants to enjoy the wonders of riding an electric bike to be able to do so - and without sacrificing any quality, power, or range.

Cyclo was founded by Alan Silberstein, a lifelong bicycle rider who fell in love with electric bikes and wanted to create one that everyone could ride.

After college, Alan moved to Europe for a few months, where his best method of transportation was his bicycle. That is where he discovered electric bikes and realized that they were the best option for his daily commute.

When moving back to San Diego, Alan wanted to continue using his e-bike to commute, but he could not afford to get one with the quality necessary to perform like he wanted it to.

That is when Alan decided to take the knowledge he had acquired since childhood about bicycles, and use it to gather the best components from different bikes and combine them to make one high-quality, affordable electric bicycle that would not only solve his problem, but help grow the electric bicycle market in America.

Through this determination to ride his own electric bike across San Diego, Cyclo Bikes was born.

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